Dark Star: 1970s Space Comedy

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I have seen a lot of movies from the ’70s, but not this one, even though I had heard about it before. This was my first watching of it.


It has everything you’d want from a 1970s scifi movie. Great music theme for a space comedy/thriller. Superb special effects. Not interested in intelligent lifeforms, the crew of five fly around space blowing up planets that might be unstable. From what I understand it is a college film from director John Carpenter, and you can really tell he was going to be a great director/writer. Coming in at one hour twenty-two minutes, it’s definitely worth a watch if you like space comedy al la Spaceballs.

complete with beards and long hair

The end of the movie culminates from a man vs. computer battle in deciding what’s real and what’s not. Sound familiar?

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