Santa Sangre

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Another Jodorowsky film, Santa Sangre is a strange and twisted look into the genius of his film making.

What’s the film about? A kid that’s family owns a circus is putting on a show when the kid’s mother sees the father go off with another woman. The mother then goes after the father and mistress with some acid on genitals. Father gets mad and cuts off the mothers arms and finally slits his own throat. Through all this the kid is in their trailer and can see his father kill himself.

The movie takes off with him grown up and in the mental hospital from the trauma he’s gone though.

naked in a tree, called Fenix

What follows through the movie is him escaping the hospital and finding his mum, and helping with her stage act. I won’t say anymore since I don’t want to ruin it for you, but his young love does find him at the end.

Great film, even if it is a bit slow at times, worth a watch, classic Jodorowsky work. Pretty cool to find out that his sons were a big part of this movie as lead acts and other parts.

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