Dead Man

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I hadn’t heard of this Johnny Depp movie, but I’m a huge Depp fan, so I gave it a shot.

The movie is about an accountant from Cleveland heading out west because he was promised a job. Well, it took him two months to get there and the job was already filled. Distressed from having used all his money to travel and get that job, he goes to the saloon and buys a drink. Eventually meets a lady and goes to her place. Now to make a long story short, he kills the woman’s ex-boyfriend and is on the run from the law where he meets an Indian.

The movie might be a little slow, but it’s a typical Jim Jarmusch movie. Which is good, because I love his movies (Coffee and Cigarettes, Ghost Dog, Broken Flowers, etc). Filmed in black and white gave it the old western style look.

It’s a very good movie if you like Depp (there’s some other big names in it as well Gary Farmer, John Hurt, Billy Bob Thornton to name a few). It almost reminded me of a Tarantino movie a bit. I’d recommend this movie if you like either Jarmusch or Tarantino’s works.

Do you have any tobacco?

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