El Topo

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El Topo (The Mole), yet another Alejandro Jodorowsky film (and on our Top 10 List), is about a gun fighter and his son riding through the desert. They come across a city that has been slaughtered by The Colonel and seek revenge. They do find The Colonel and his men, and eventually cut off The Colonel’s gonads. The Colonel then shoots his own brains out.

After they have secured the prisoners from The Colonel and his men, one of them being a woman, they attempt to leave. The woman fights her way past the gunfighters son and rides with him, leaving his son behind with monks.

The lady says she’ll only stay with him if he defeats the four masters in the desert. So the quest is on. Riding through the desert the gun fighter shows his skills. He can shoot a rock and water will come forth. He can dig in the sand and find eggs to eat. This looks to be based on his faith in God.

As time goes on, the lady seems to corrupt him and lose his faith.

I won’t give up the details of the quest to destroy the masters, but it is epic and he learns a lot. After the quest is over you’ll understand why it’s called El Topo. This is a great movie and Jodorowsky really takes you on a journey. It is a must see. If you had to see only one Jodorowsky film, I’d say The Holy Mountain, but this comes in second place.

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