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Remember that movie, Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise? Well, that movie was a remake of this one.

The plot is about a wealthy man who falls in love with this best friend’s love interest, and while at his birthday party, they head back to her house.  This is where all the shenanigans begins. Sort of. The next morning as he is leaving the girl’s house, a woman (from the party) followed him there and offers him a ride home, which he accepts. She goes crazy and crashes the car and from here on out it’s wtf is going on.

It’s a great movie. I saw the Vanilla Sky version before I saw this one, so I knew what was coming, which was too bad because this original is awesome. Oh, and it doesn’t have Tom Cruise in it, but Penélope Cruz is in it! FTW! Kinda cool they brought her back in Vanilla Sky playing the same part.

I’d recommend this movie over Vanilla Sky anyday. It is in Spanish, so subtitles all the way. I’ve seen it around named Permanent Midnight as well, and its original Spanish name, Abre los ojos.

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