The City of Lost Children

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This was a recommendation from a reader. A very good recommendation. The movie is about a scientist that kidnaps children for their dreams. I didn’t really understand why he was doing this though. It also might be the only film I’ve seen Ron Perlman speak French, probably because he doesn’t speak it though his lines were flawless.

The movie is a cross between steampunk themed and something else. I’m not entirely sure. The colors and the way it was shot reminds me a lot of the movie Delicatessen, which I will have a review up here soon. This was a good movie, I enjoyed it. It is French so you’ll need subtitles if you don’t speak French. The story is good and well executed. The acting was great. Definitely check this movie out.

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The City of Lost Children (DVD)

Director: Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Briac Barthelemy, Guillaume Billod-Morel, Geneviève Brunet, Marc Caro, Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Rating: R (Restricted)

List Price: $9.99 USD
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  2. brus13
    29. August 2011 at 01:03

    For any who plan to see this movie for the first time:

    1. The reason the mad scientist wanted the children’s dreamS was because he didn’t have his own. He, like everyone else living on the platform, is the genetic creation of another mad genius(the Creator is the one who finally blows up the place). Each creation has a flaw, his is a lack of dreams, which made him mad and old.
    2. The folks who made CoLC made Delicatessen, thus why the first reminded you of the second. One of the directors also did Alien, Resurection (which had two actors from this).


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