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Cube is what started me, a long time ago, watching crazy mind fuck movies.

Cube is about some people that are put into a maze, if you will, that is filled with traps. They have no idea how they got there, or why they are there.

As they work their way through the rooms, they figure out what might be a way out. As time goes on, their attitudes change and they become more fighting themselves vs. trying to get out.

Cube is a great film and it’s definitely a cult masterpiece. I know they made (at least) two more Cube movies, but I don’t recall how good they were. The original still wins. One of David Hewlett’s (who was in previously mentioned movie Nothing) earlier roles, you can tell he’s gonna do some good acting.

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Cube (DVD)

Director: Vincenzo Natali
Starring: Nicole de Boer, Maurice Dean Wint, David Hewlett, Andrew Miller, Nicky Guadagni
Rating: R (Restricted)

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The City of Lost Children

This was a recommendation from a reader. A very good recommendation. The movie is about a scientist that kidnaps children for their dreams. I didn’t really understand why he was doing this though. It also might be the only film I’ve seen Ron Perlman speak French, probably because he doesn’t speak it though his lines were flawless.

The movie is a cross between steampunk themed and something else. I’m not entirely sure. The colors and the way it was shot reminds me a lot of the movie Delicatessen, which I will have a review up here soon. This was a good movie, I enjoyed it. It is French so you’ll need subtitles if you don’t speak French. The story is good and well executed. The acting was great. Definitely check this movie out.

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The City of Lost Children (DVD)

Director: Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Starring: Briac Barthelemy, Guillaume Billod-Morel, Geneviève Brunet, Marc Caro, Jean-Claude Dreyfus
Rating: R (Restricted)

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Dobermann is a fast action movie which I think was based off a comic. I’m not entirely sure. It’s basically about a gang of bank robbers that go all out.

It’s got a great cast, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Tchéky Karyo just to name a few. Very fast paced movie, drugs, guns, violence. What more can you ask for? If you want something to sit back and ease into things (and subtitles are ok for you) give it a shot. You probably won’t see something like this made in the US. We don’t see a lot of movies where they shove someone’s head out of a car at high speed and just grind it up.

Though if I made an action movie, I’d certainly have that in there.

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Dobermann (DVD)

Director: Jan Kounen
Starring: Vincent Cassel, Tchéky Karyo, Monica Bellucci, Antoine Basler, Dominique Bettenfeld
Rating: R (Restricted)

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Demonic Toys

In this movie you’ll be surprised to discover there are some toys which are demonic.   The fun part is finding out exactly why they are demonic.  The movie goes on to show us that on Halloween night 1925 a baby came into the world stillborn.  Little did they know it was a demon baby when for some reason they gave the corpse to some kids trick or treating.  They discovered it was a dead baby and tossed it into a construction site.

haha   wat

Fast forward like 60-some years later and now a building is sitting on that site, with the corpse still below it.  Some cops get into a altercation with some criminals and they run into the warehouse.  One of the criminals is bleeding because of a gun shot wound and the blood seeps into cracks in the floor.  The blood gives the demon, who we later find out is Satan, the power to animate the toys.  After that it becomes a battle against the toys.  The movie is filled with corny one-liners and random unnecessary nudity.  If you’re a fan of cheesy 80s / early 90s horror movies then definitely check this one out.

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Demonic Toys [Blu-ray] (Blu-ray)

Starring: Tracy Scoggins Bentley Mitchum Daniel Cerny Michael Russo
Rating: R (Restricted)

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