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Demonic Toys

In this movie you’ll be surprised to discover there are some toys which are demonic.   The fun part is finding out exactly why they are demonic.  The movie goes on to show us that on Halloween night 1925 a baby came into the world stillborn.  Little did they know it was a demon baby when for some reason they gave the corpse to some kids trick or treating.  They discovered it was a dead baby and tossed it into a construction site.

haha   wat

Fast forward like 60-some years later and now a building is sitting on that site, with the corpse still below it.  Some cops get into a altercation with some criminals and they run into the warehouse.  One of the criminals is bleeding because of a gun shot wound and the blood seeps into cracks in the floor.  The blood gives the demon, who we later find out is Satan, the power to animate the toys.  After that it becomes a battle against the toys.  The movie is filled with corny one-liners and random unnecessary nudity.  If you’re a fan of cheesy 80s / early 90s horror movies then definitely check this one out.

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Santa Sangre

Another Jodorowsky film, Santa Sangre is a strange and twisted look into the genius of his film making.

What’s the film about? A kid that’s family owns a circus is putting on a show when the kid’s mother sees the father go off with another woman. The mother then goes after the father and mistress with some acid on genitals. Father gets mad and cuts off the mothers arms and finally slits his own throat. Through all this the kid is in their trailer and can see his father kill himself.

The movie takes off with him grown up and in the mental hospital from the trauma he’s gone though.

naked in a tree, called Fenix

What follows through the movie is him escaping the hospital and finding his mum, and helping with her stage act. I won’t say anymore since I don’t want to ruin it for you, but his young love does find him at the end.

Great film, even if it is a bit slow at times, worth a watch, classic Jodorowsky work. Pretty cool to find out that his sons were a big part of this movie as lead acts and other parts.

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There are some movies you just never figure out. For me, this is one of them. I kinda knew what I was getting into because I have seen other Lars von Trier movies (Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, etc).

You can follow along till about half way and then it starts getting to be WTF IS GOING ON!?!?!?!

dead baby

Basically, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe are getting it on and their kid falls and dies (see picture above). She ends up in the hospital and all crazy now. They go to the woods to have her face her fears (which was the woods, I guess) and then I’m not too sure what happens. I begun reading the IMDB boards on this movie and no one really knows. Mutilated genitals for the most part. Very artsy, slow motion, classical music, and plenty of sex. It’s kinda of a slow moving film, so be prepared.

There’s so much discussion on the symbolism in the film, I won’t even get into it here. The movie is worth a watch if you’ve got the time and patience for art house films (I am one of the few that do). You’ll definitely hit up IMDB to do some reading once you’ve seen it, and I’d suggest you wait till after otherwise you’ll just be more confused.

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