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Sleep Dealer

Sleep Dealer is a Spanish movie set in the near future where people can plug into a network (think The Matrix) and use it for a variety of things. The main use for this network is to provide jobs for people. In this particular case, Mexico employs people as Sleep Dealers to work in America as construction works, nanny’s, etc without the people actually being there. Robots taking the place of them.

It is about a kid who accidentally gets his father killed and travels to the city to get money for his family by working as a Sleep Dealer.

It seemed like a very low budget indie movie, maybe a little heavy on the special effects which were a little subpar. I think the movie didn’t go deep enough, I think it focused too much on unimportant stuff. The acting was ok, I’m not too familiar with Spanish cinema, but it looks like even they are putting out better stuff than Hollywood.

Overall the movie was decent, if a little slow. I had watched Avatar the same day so I was in a sci-fi mood when I watched it. If you’re a sci-fi cinema geek definitely check it out, otherwise you might not like it.

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The Big Empty

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on in this movie. Whatever it is, I surely never got the memo. I feel that there is some underlying message in the film. *shrugs*

Anyway, The Big Empty is about an actor that isn’t having very much luck in the acting business and takes a courier job offer from a neighbor. The job itself is shrouded in secrecy and what not, but he’s getting paid 27 thousand dollars. So he accepts.

He goes to the meeting place and waits. A little comic drama and then the movie gets on with it. I won’t divulge anymore though. You’ll have to watch.

Overall, the movie is decent. It felt like a short movie, probably due to the comedy in it that I enjoyed. If you need a little something to sit back and enjoy with out too much thinking, this’ll do it.

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Brazil is a fun movie. It’s also a Terry Gilliam movie.

It’s set in the future in a society that seems more truth than fiction, kinda like the movie Idiocracy. The movie is about a government worker who tries to fix a wrongful arrest/killing, but ends up being the one the government goes after. With a bit of comedy and seriousness to the liking I hope we never see, it is entertaining.

Movies like these that depict the future and how we might evolve or devlove are pretty inhteresting to watch.Who knows if we’ll end up with no government like Idiocracy or an incompetent, more paperwork than ever and no questions asked government like in this movie.

Overall, the movie is good. It’s become somewhat of a cult hit. If you like other Terry Gilliam movies, no doubt you’ll like this one. Brazil is also in IMDB’s Top 250 movies at number 245.

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This movie intrigued me by how it looked. It’s animation (I don’t think it was rotoscoped) but black and white. Think A Scanner Darkly but black and white.

Visually, the movie is stunning.

The movie follows a cop on a new assignment, a missing persons assignment. It takes place in France in the year 2054. They have a company called Avalon that is all about beauty and health and living long, think Equilibrium -esque. The missing person is a scientist from the Avalon corporation.

A decent mystery/thriller story, but a little bit predictable. Overall it was a good movie, I can recommend it. It’s in French, so you’ll need subtitles if you don’t speak French.

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